Keep Your Lawn or Garden Lush All Season Long!

At Walnut Grove we understand how rewarding a beautiful lawn or full garden can be. Sometimes it takes more than a green thumb to keep your landscape projects thriving. Whether you need to feed the beauty or tame the beast we've got the products you need.

Serving clients in surrounding areas of Louisville, KY, including Simpsonville, KY, Shelbyville, KY, Fisherville, KY, Mount Washington, KY, Taylorsville, KY, Middletown, KY & beyond, stop in and see what we can "grow" together!

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Mulch & Soil

SOIL- Whether it's a lawn, garden or potted plant, success begins with the soil. Quality soil provides the foundation all plants need for proper root development. For large projects we offer a bulk composted topsoil - a blend of loose soil and compost that's easy to work and extremely plant friendly. Our bagged topsoil is a sandy mix that's the perfect amendment for planting in the heavy clay soil native to the Eastwood area.

MULCH - Adding a layer of mulch to your landscape provides a dual benefit. Increased moisture retention for the plants and increased eye appeal for the yard. We offer hardwood and black dyed mulch in both bag and bulk. We also stock Grade A Cypress and Cedar mulch in bags and pine straw by the bale.


Garden Decor & Gifts

Walnut Grove Nursery keeps up with the latest trends in gardening and stocks a large selection of yard decorations, from trellises and birdbaths, to planters and iron window boxes. Our inventory is always being updated with just the right accessory that says, "You!"